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Our Services


Diamond Sourcing


Any size, clarity, cut or color.

Any budget.

Buying a diamond can be daunting. There are terms, abbreviations, and even human rights issues to consider. We explain everything you need to know to help you evaluate, compare, and select your stone.

We ensure that your diamond is from a conflict free zone to the best of our ability and is responsibly sourced.


Colored Gemstone Sourcing


Any size, type or requirement.

You believe life is lead in color. And have seen a specific stone that you simply loved. From the classics like ruby, emerald, sapphire to newer favorites like tanzanite or ametrine, we know how to get you the best.

We can even match stones when needed. 

Like the latest and greatest? Allow us to introduce you to the latest discoveries and the best of what the market has to offer. 


Custom Design


We love a challenge! 

Have something in mind or a particular look you want to achieve? Talk to us and let us sketch out a design for you.

Have an old piece that was passed down or whose design you no longer love. Show it to us and let us help you convert it into something you truly love and enjoy wearing. 

Design consultation services available by appointment.


Gold Buying


We will buy your old gold, silver and platinum jewelry! 

 We can send you a refund check or, better yet, a credit toward new jewelry.

Have a lot of jewelry to sell? Call us for an on site appointment in the privacy of your home.

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