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Australian Crystal Opal & Diamond Statement Earrings 14k Gold

Australian Crystal Opal & Diamond Statement Earrings 14k Gold

SKU: 1341179332
  • Vintage
  • Ships from a small business in


  • Length: 24 Millimeters; Width: 15 Millimeters
  • Materials: Gold
  • Gemstone: Opal
  • Location: Earlobe
  • Closure: Push back
  • Style: Avant garde
  •   Absolutely breathtaking natural Australian crystal opals are set in solid 14k gold, accented with diamonds. The gems have a lot of fire and are absolutely gorgeous. Please scroll through pictures to see closeup of the individual gems. One of a kind and truly special! Opal is the birthstone for October and the traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary.

    Great colors for a wedding. Make a perfect holiday gift for any age!

    Size : 24x15mm
    Material : 14k Gold
    Gemstones: Australian Opal, Diamonds


    Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit. Its own spirit is at times like that of a child spontaneously playing, dashing color where ever it pleases.

    Opal is most known for its ability to bring one’s traits and characteristics to the surface for examination and transformation. Just as Opal absorbs and reflects light, it picks up thoughts and feelings, desires and buried emotions, amplifying them and returning them to the source. While magnifying one’s negative attributes may prove to be uncomfortable, it allows for understanding how destructive these emotions can be and assists the process of letting them go. Opal also illuminates the positive actions and emotions of the self, enhancing the good and true, and fostering one’s highest potential. It is a karmic stone with a reminder that what one sends out will return.


    Packaging :
    All products purchased from us come in a gift box. If you need to include a message, kindly leave us a note when purchasing.

    Care Recommendations:
    When not in use, keep earrings enclosed in a box or pouch to minimize exposure to moisture in air. Do not spray aromatics directly onto product. Minimize exposure to water. Clean with a soft cloth when required.
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