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Salt Pepper Rosecut  Minimalist Diamond Stud Earrings14kt Yellow Gold 5mm

Salt Pepper Rosecut Minimalist Diamond Stud Earrings14kt Yellow Gold 5mm

SKU: 1106539480
  • Handmade item
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  • Length: 5 Centimeters; Width: 5 Centimeters
  • Materials: Gold
  • Gemstone: Diamond
  • Location: Earlobe
  • Closure: Push back
  • Style: Minimalist
  •   Diamonds are special and salt and pepper diamonds are extra special! The phrase “salt and pepper” is an informal term that refers to white and black inclusions, which gives them a gray tone and a speckled look.

    Here a beautiful pair of salt pepper diamonds have been prong set in a basket setting of 14 yellow gold. These tiny diamond earrings would be the perfect gift for her or yourself. These diamonds are very well cut with lots of facets that sparkle in the light.

    Though it is said that salt pepper diamonds sparkle less than their traditional counterparts it is almost impossible to tell with this pair! The diamonds have a lot of character from the inclusions and abundant sparkle. They are the perfect choice for those who believe that beauty comes from imperfections. Understated elegance make these a classy choice for a fashion forward woman.

    Perfect for the minimalist and great for anytime everyday wear!

    Size : 5mm
    Metal : 14kt Yellow Gold
    Gemstone : 0.39 cts Round Brilliant Salt Pepper Diamonds (TCW)


    Salt Pepper Diamonds …

    Little needs to be said about diamonds. Super sparkly and brilliant there's a reason why these are called a girl's best friend. As the gemstone with the highest rating on Moh’s hardness scale, with a score of 10, diamonds have the unique ability to be cut and polished with the utmost brilliance making them an excellent choice for jewelry. Their incredible shine and luster have captivated wearers for centuries. This gorgeous stone is also the birthstone of those born in April.

    Most diamonds have flaws known as inclusions which are small imperfections inside of a diamond. There can be different kinds of inclusions, they can be black, white or different shapes, sizes, and even colors. Nearly all diamonds have some kind of inclusion, but they’re often so small they can’t be seen by the naked eye. With salt and pepper diamonds, these inclusions are not only large and visible, they also affect the diamond’s overall appearance in a unique and beautiful way. Salt & Pepper diamonds are known for their earthiness, depth of color and shimmering ice grey aesthetic. Because these diamonds are less rare than more traditional diamonds, their price points can also be more affordable and great way to find a fun ring with the durability of diamond at a great price. Standard diamonds are graded on their 4 C’s – Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. However, Salt and Pepper Diamonds are not graded.

    Another appeal salt and pepper diamonds have is their eco-friendly status. These diamonds take far less resources and time to mine, which makes them far less taxing on the environment than regular diamonds.


    Packaging :
    All products purchased from us come in a gift box. If you need to include a message, kindly leave us a note when purchasing.

    Care Recommendations:
    When not in use, keep earrings enclosed in a box or pouch to minimize exposure to moisture in air. Do not spray aromatics directly onto product. Minimize exposure to water. Clean with a soft cloth when required.
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