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Uvavorite Garnet Pendant Sterling Silver

Uvavorite Garnet Pendant Sterling Silver


This delightful uvavorite garnet necklace is glorious. The color of Christmas and reminiscent of the color profile of an emerald as well, this makes the perfect holiday gift. Also a great option for nature lovers as it reminds one of green moss. The druzy sparkles when the light hits the stone at the right angle. Hard to capture it's beauty in pictures but this will certainly become an instant favorite.

Metal : Sterling Silver

Size : 30x10mm
Gemstone Name: Uvavorite Garnet
All products purchased from us come in a little gift box. If you need a special message included, please send me a note while purchasing.



Uvarovite is an ideal gemstone for autumn: gradually the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler.
The glittering Uvarovite helps us maintain an optimistic fundamental approach towards life and our plans and to not lose interest in life.

The emerald green Uvarovite stands for individuality and independence. It promotes energy and enthusiasm, helping to realize one's own ideas and plans with vigor, even in times of diminishing light and nature retreating. The Uvarovite with its strong shades of green is a stone of the heart chakra. In astrology the garnets are attributed to the zodiacs Aries and Scorpio.

  • Packaging

    All products purchased from us come in a gift box. If you need to include a message, kindly leave us a note when purchasing. 

  • Care Recommendations

    When not in use, keep earrings enclosed in a box or pouch to minimize exposure to moisture in air. Do not spray aromatics directly onto product. Minimize exposure to water. Clean with a soft cloth when required.

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